Follow Our Easy Step By Step To Rent A Car

Please fill in the require detail to book your rental car. For booking request less than 24Hour, click chat Icon at bottom right conner this pages. Thank You.

    Pick Up Location:

    Drop Off Location:


    Why I should mention pick up location?

    It’s important to let us know your preferred pickup location upon completion of the booking to ensure we have your vehicle ready and waiting once you arrived. If travel by flight kindly let us know your flight number to avoid delays once you arrived

    What is my responsibility after rent a car?

    From the time you collect your vehicle, you and any nominated driver noted on the rental agreement, are financially responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle.

    This includes damage caused outside of your control including storms. You and any nominated driver noted on the rental agreement are also bound by our standard Terms & Conditions as agreed to when signing your Rental Agreement upon collection.

    Do I need to clean the car before return it back?

    We take pride in our fleet of vehicle, and we strive to ensure vehicle rental you pick up is clean and tidy. We ask you to help us by returning your vehicle in a similarly tidy state.In short, yes, you need to make sure that your hire vehicle is returned clean and empty of any rubbish, including pallets and milk crates.

    We understand that moving can be a stressful and often messy process, so be sure to save yourself a bit of time at the end of your rental period to bag up rubbish, and if necessary, wipe down and vacuum the interior of the car. Cars that are returned in a very messy state may be subject to a cleaning fee assigned at the discretion of the company from your security deposit.

    What document should I prepare?

    We do require a minimum 100 point check document upon pick up as following
    1. Unexpired Malaysian Driver Licence Only – 50 Points (Compulsory)
    2. Malaysian Identity Card / IC – 50 Points (Compulsory)
    3. Recent Student/Working ID Card – 50 Points
    4. NGO / Social / Pension Card – 50 Points
    Accepted Malaysian driver’s licence and Malaysian Identity Card must be with a clear photo displayed (not tampered).

    Can I extend rental duration?

    Extending the rental duration may be possible at a time of check out or during the rental itself. You’ll need to contact or visit the Office to request for extension. Any request is subject to vehicle availability and successful payment of extension period in advance.

    Do I need to pay security deposit?

    Yes we do require security deposit in form of CASH ONLY. Security deposit will range between RM50.00 to RM250.00 depending of type of vehicle. We do not accept Credit or debit card for security deposit at the moment. It will normally be fully returned at the time of drop off if there is no any terms & conditions breached.